Why We Are Different

Our CASH Rewards are Revolutionary

QuantumCash® is a revolutionary CASH Rewards program that rewards members based on the shopping of their Earning Social Universe. In essence, QuantumCash combines the power of Social Media with the excitement of Cash Rewards. But unlike old fashioned cash back programs, that pay you 1% or 2% back on what you (alone) spend, QuantumCash is the only rewards program that gives you the power to earn Multiplied Rewards® by combining your shopping with the shopping of others. This combination is called Crowd-Shopping™ and it can add up to hundreds, and perhaps thousands of dollars for you per month.* It is so unique that 4 patents have been granted covering the technology that makes it work.

QuantumCash Rewards can be Combined with Other Rewards

You might be surprised, but certainly delighted, to find out that QuantumCash Rewards can be combined with other cash back rewards. Here’s how that works. Simply use your favorite rewards card when you shop through Earning Social at any of the 2,000 Merchants. That way you can enjoy using the card that you are most comfortable with, PLUS you can qualify to earn QuantumCash Multiplied Rewards.

Your CASH Rewards can become CASH FLOW Rewards

In addition to empowering members to Earn More, Save More, and Do More™ with greater cash rewards, we have created CASH FLOW Rewards™ that can continue to grow month after month.

QuantumCash is designed to incentivize and reward consumers for helping to encourage others to shop at the Merchants who are willing to pay for the shopping that results from our members’ collective efforts. The Merchants pay us so that we can pay you.

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