Clarissa Burt, Monica Amadio, Greg Reid, and Ross Halleck pose for a quick photo while talking outside of the conference.

The Digital Footprint Conference was packed with engaging presenters providing meaningful content for businesses and non-profits alike. Among the most dynamic presenters were Clarissa Burt, Greg Reid and Ross Halleck.

Clarissa is an absolute professional when it comes to poise and presentation techniques. She is a master of delivery. Clarissa has a interesting history working as a processional actress. She also has a line of apparel sold on QVC in Italy. Most recently, she has been appointed to serve as the representative for an elite Italian car manufacturer. (More to be revealed later. )

Monica Amadio is the co-founder of Earning Social and is heading the CollegeWorks USA program. Monica has won awards and been recognized nationally for her work in education, with a particular focus on Information Technology, Financial Literacy, Investing and Entrepreneurship. Now, she is using all of her background and skills together to lead her team in launching Earning Social. Earning Social is an online shopping portal that empowers its members to Earn More, Save More and Do More.

Greg Reid is a best-selling author with more than 56 books on the market. He gave an inspiring and engaging presentation that motivated everyone in the room. He is bursting with energy and good advice.  Greg is associated with the Napoleon Hill Foundation and has recently written a book entitled, Three Feet From Gold, based on the best-seller from Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich. You can see his books here:

Ross Halleck is a world-renowned vintner and wine expert. He hand-carried hundreds of bottles of wine from his vineyard to give a demonstration to the attendees at the event. He certainly knows his wines and recommended pairings. Deslish!

You will not want to miss the next Digital Footprint Conference from the Income Store and Today’s Growth Consultant.